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Choose Maui Bob’s Office Cleaning as your regular window cleaner and you’ll be choosing a professional organization which delivers an outstanding service using both traditional (soapy water and squeegee) and the latest water-fed pole techniques.

We prefer to use water-fed poles for the reasons outlined below, but we do occasionally come across jobs where this system is not practical to use.  This includes indoors, delicate windows, wooden frames where the paint has oxidized, is flaking or in need of repair, or unusually heavily soiled windows.

You may be asking yourself what the advantages are of water-fed poles that use pure water, so please allow me to explain

  • We work from the safety of the ground to a height of around 50’. The water we use is NOT tap water. If we were to clean your windows with tap water and leave them to dry, white spots would appear – this is because microscopic minerals suspended in the water are left behind as the water evaporates.
  • Pure water is water that has been scrubbed by a series of complex filters to remove 100% of the minerals – when we brush-clean your windows and rinse them, the windows will naturally dry crystal clear.
  • You’ll get better cleaning results. Pure water seeks to balance itself by returning to an impure state, which increases its capacity to absorb and remove large amounts of dirt from your windows.
  • Health and safety of technicians and grounds are a major consideration when dealing with the use of ladders as temporary workstations. As a responsible company, we have decided that the water-fed pole system is a safer viable alternative to using ladders. If the job can be completed to the same high standard we demand for our customers without using a ladder, then we have an obligation to embrace this.
  • Environmentally friendly. Pure water eliminates the need for any harmful detergents and chemicals.
  • Reduced disturbance to you, the customer. As you may know, we offer a discreet and speedy service – we recognize that no one likes having tradesmen around for longer than necessary. Cleaning with water-fed poles is usually quicker, thus we can usually be at your property for a shorter period of time than when using the “old fashioned” method.
  • Windows will likely stay cleaner, longer! The absence of sticky soap residue means that dirt will find it harder to cling to your windows, helping your windows continue to sparkle even after it rains.
  • Your window frames and sills will also be brushed clean – many window cleaners charge extra for this – we don’t.
  • We can more easily reach those difficult to reach windows obstructed by architectural design or landscaping.
  • Water-fed pole cleaning works in the rain! Although we do not work in severe weather, showery, misty weather will not hinder our work. This will help us to continue to ensure a regular and professional service to all of our customers.

Please note that during the first two or three visits the process will leach all deposits from around the window’s seals, resulting in an improved finish each time, until ultimately the finish will be perfect. Please be patient if the initial results are not perfect – industry experience shows that two or three visits can be necessary for maximum effect as our process cleans away what previous methods may have left behind.

Restoring Solar Panel Efficiency

There’s nothing more important to your solar panel's efficiency than unobstructed access to the sun's energy. The surface of glass is porous, and can hold micro-dots of soap that squeegeeing leaves behind. Soap attracts dust and hastens the appearance of dirt on glass, which reduces the efficiency of your solar panels. Using pure water, this lost efficiency can be quickly restored.

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